• Due Diligence

One of our core strengths is our expertise and experience in performing thorough and comprehensive due diligences on projects across many jurisdictions in the world, including many of the new frontiers for resources.

The areas covered by our due diligence include:

  1. Technical – Geology, Metallurgical, Engineering
  2. Commercial
  3. Environmental
  4. Social and community relations
  5. Financial and taxation
  6. Management of investee company including corporate governance


The EMR Capital team possess all the skills and expertise required for completing the due diligence.  Where appropriate, external consultants may also be engaged to provide independent opinions.

We view carrying out a thorough due diligence as one of the most important aspects of investing and of our role as an investment manager.

Whilst comprehensive and detailed, our deep experience allows us to complete a thorough due diligence in a timely basis.